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(This is an actual inspection report that I completed for a client, with the identifying names and location removed)

Our home inspection reports are better than our competitions and here is why:
1. The Report Summary:

Starting on the first page of the "Home Inspection Report" you will find the "Report Summary". The "Report Summary" lists findings that can be a safety hazard, a deficiency requiring a major expense to correct or items we would like to draw extra attention to. These are the potential problems with the property and with our reports, you don't have to go sifting through the pages to find them.

2. We Walk Roofs:

It is not a requirement for home inspectors to get on top of roofs to inspect them. Most inspectors will inspect a roof from ground level or from the roof eave. You will see on page 33 of the "Home Inspection Report" that we got on top of the roof to inspect it, even though the roof had just been replaced earlier in the year. We walk all roofs for our home inspections for 2 very important reasons. First, you cannot effectively assess a roofs integrity from the eaves. It is impossible to see cracks and holes in the seals on roofs around, chimneys, sky lights, pipes and vents. The second reason we walk roofs is to find any potential problem areas that require extra attention for thermal imaging. By identifying deficiencies in the roofs integrity we  know where moisture is penetrating the roof allowing us to track the source of moisture inside the home with our thermographic camera.

3. We use Infrared Cameras

Infrared technology has changed the way home inspections are being performed. By using infrared cameras, we can detect an array of issues that are otherwise unnoticed to the naked eye. Infrared cameras detect differences in temperatures which will identify latent moisture, leaks, electrical and insulation issues. Roughly %95 of the homes we inspect have, we identify an issue with our infrared camera. Some of the issues we have are still minor and can easy be repaired, while others are major and may play a determining factor in how much you pay for your home or if you buy it at all. In the "Sample Inspection Report" you will find examples of moisture intrusion on pages 7 and 11. By simply looking at these areas you couldn't tell they were moist, this is why we do a complete infrared scan on all of our inspections at no extra charge.

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