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4 Point Inspection

Bradenton Home Inspections does not automatically add Four Point Inspections to our Home Inspection pricing because some buyers pay cash and are not required to purchase insurance.

A four point insurance inspection is specific to insurance companies to determine if the home has four main systems in good working order before they will bind a policy on a given structure. Many insurance companies are hesitant to bind coverage on an older homes, 20+ years or older, due to the fact many of the main systems are at or near there serviceable limit. For Example, if a home is 20 years old and still has the original roof, odds are that the roof has substantial wear and is near or beyond its serviceable life. Conversely, they also want to know if any of the four services have been updated. An insurance company wants to know if it will be on the line for potential repairs in the immediate future based on the condition of the current four systems

The insurance company is only interested in the fact that these systems are currently working as intended and no defects exist that may cause a claim in the near future.


A four Point inspection should not be confused with a home inspection. The inspection is limited to just those four systems and does not take into consideration the rest of the homes components. In most cases the insurance company will ask that a four point inspection be done when you call for rates and will provide a form to be complete when your home inspection is scheduled. 

The 4 Points of a "4 Point Inspection"
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